Tim Warren's Monday Musings Air Freshers and All


Something in the recent days, in the way the weather has put us all in our place, the way some people laugh in the face of this, and refuse to admit that we are all in this together, and that science is real and unwavering in the face of ego…. sends me falling, needfully and quietly, into music. Proud and lucky to share it with people who will listen, once again for a few good nights on the road. Proud to take some small part in the shift of consciousness, that will render certain bigoted, hateful, elitist, and isolationist ideas,


However simple, however small, however significant a role we can play…in the next 11 days, we have 9 shows. I know this is social media and I’m supposed to just take a picture of the air freshener selection at the truck stop, and tell you to come to the next show,

but now

as a father of 2, driving past the Honda Civic with the seats empty, airbags exploded and the, windshields cracked, I know there’s more at stake in this for me now. So why mix words…

All of my dreams are wrapped up in these songs, all of my nightmares, and we play them every night to exercise the possibility that something about them, something about us, in some moment of our own making, or by our mere dedicated and stubborn participation in the idea of it, could become meaningful, inspiring, and capable of softening the human heart towards something more available and healing, that is already there in all of us, but rarely called on to celebrate itself, in these bizarre times.

The people I’m charging down the road to Nashville with, are reaching for that possibility too. That’s all we can do, and that’s all we should ever hope to be doing.

Gonna be the best damn singer I can be, gonna bring it every night, and me and the band are gonna try to find new heights with each other, and within ourselves, every night for anybody there to see it. We are going to raise each other up. Gonna tell it like it is, gonna tell it like it can be, gonna tell it like it will be one day soon,

If we just keep reaching.

Nashville, Tuesday night October 17th. 3rd and Lindsley. See you there if the fates allow.

Love ya,