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    Join us tomorrow night on Instagram Live at 9pm EST.
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    @yobrojenna, @preservationsound
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    Live performance and requests, and mindless banter Tim and Eric hope is entertaining
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    Join Tim and I tonight at 9PM EST on Instagram Live as we celebrate the release of β€œIf I Ever.”
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    β€œIf I Ever.” Available on iTunes, Spotify, and all other services on Friday 5/22/20.
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    The main idea in this new song "If I ever", is that we need each other. In these unprecedented days in modern history, we find ways to connect despite the challenges. We still hope for things, we still dream, we still want, we still work, we still try, and we still have love to give and gratitude to show, no matter the difficulties we face. Thanks to Kate Devore for bringing us the images in the video from the Rehab and Nursing staff at the NYU Langone Hospital in New York. So many staff provided videos and I am grateful to each and every one of you. Thanks to Jenna at @yobrojenna for making the video. It is so special, and so real and unflinching and it was done with so much heart, like everything else you do. Thanks to Chris Ruggiero at @preservationsound for producing the track from quarantine, from a demo we made, and spinning it into this final product in a couple of days. It feels ike anything is possible when I listen to the song now... for better or for worse... and I think that's where a lot of people are right now. Thanks for bringing us onto those edges with your sound. And thanks to a very special little person named Daisy. I don't know you, I've never met you, but you showed me how I feel right now, and you're only 8 years old. Thank you for your beautiful choreography. It feels like the time to share this one. We are with you, you are not alone, and hang in there, there will be miles to go, but we will go together. Be well, Tim
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    𝘐𝘧 𝘐 𝘌𝘷𝘦𝘳. We are excited to premier the video for our latest release 𝘐𝘧 𝘐 𝘌𝘷𝘦𝘳, tomorrow morning (5/15/20) at 10 AM EST right here on Instagram. Hope you come find us. #ifiever
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    A few weeks ago on Facebook Live, Tim and I debuted a new song idea, that at the time we called "Travelers." It was so new that I honestly hadn't even thought of the title yet. After reading some of the comments suggesting the song be called "Uncharted Waters, " I thought, yeah, thats a better title. Nice work team. You can check out a demo of β€œUncharted Waters” in our bio.
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    In December 2017, Tim and I, along with Scott Terry and Eric Hall of @redwantingblue set out on a short tour as a quartet that we called ARWBx4. We played a mix of AR and RWB songs and told stories of our years on the road. The tour culminated in NYC at Rockwood Music Hall, and was filmed by our incredibly talented friend @yobrojenna. And now, we figured it would be a great time to share that concert film with you. Starting TOMORROW Wednesday 3/25 at 9PM EST, we're launching a 4-day event where you can tune in to watch a portion of the concert film each night on YouTube. Be sure to watch the trailer below and "Set a Reminder" by clicking the bell, so you don't forget. Link in bio
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    Join us tomorrow (Tuesday 3/24) at 9pm EST as we go live on Instagram and Facebook. Also, we shared a demo of a brand new song today called What Do I Know Now. Link in Bio.
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    Join us tonight on Facebook Live at 9pm for an informal hang. Tim and I will be checking in and playing a few songs. Hope you can join us.