Nothing More – The Album

The Alternate Routes Nothing More Album

We are proud to announce that our album Nothing More is available on ITunes.  This album was made over the course of a year.  We wrote the songs, deconstructed them, rehearsed them in basements and performed many of them for months before we got to the studio.  Then we recorded them with acclaimed producer Peter Katis, who happens to be our neighbor in Bridgeport CT.  We tried to pick songs that were subtle, and beautiful.  We did this because there was something new in that territory for us, and because we thought Peter could bring these aspects of our songs and our lyrics, the furthest.  I hope this album finds you in a peaceful moment, and if not, I hope it creates a peaceful place for your mind to rest, and for things to be new again.  I hope the sounds fill you with gratitude and quiet hope.  We are lucky to make music, thanks for taking some time check it out.  Cheers

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Nothing More