Nobody Else

The Alternate Routes Nobody_Else



We are excited to share with you our new single, Nobody Else. Some of you will recognize Nobody Else from our live show and album we released through Pledge Music as Narrow Your Eyes. That is because it’s the same song with a new mix and a new name. Why did we change the name of the song after printing a few thousand cds and albums? If you are interested, I’ll tell you tomorrow. But today is about the song.

Ever since I was a kid, I have always been obsessed with my age. Often thinking I was behind some kind of pre-determined schedule, looking around to see what other people were doing, and how far along they were. But now that I’m a bit older, (See there i go again…) I am starting to realize that is not a terribly productive nor enjoyable way to go through life.

Nobody Else is an ode to letting go of all that. You are who you are, and only you can figure that out. It is both liberating and terrifying. But mostly liberating.

I hope you dig it.