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    I’m excited to be joining this awesome group of writers, musicians, and people this week for Write By The Sea. See below and link in bio for more info. -Eric Have you ever wondered how your favorite songs got written? Have you ever wanted to be a fly on the wall and watch the process? Perhaps a secret desire to be ON a record? WE HAVE! So we got a couple beach houses and we've invited some amazing songwriters and musicians to meet us in DESTIN, FL for a few days to write some songs and we're going to make a RECORD! Rock by the Sea and Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure have been wanting to do a project. We wanted it to be all about the heart of the music. Rock by the Sea's Christmas records are doing so well (thank you) and we love the products of the Sixthman Sessions so much, we thought, why not? (Ask us, we will tell you if you don't know what that is!) ALL PROCEEDS WILL BENEFIT BRAIN CANCER RESEARCH!
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    We are a little over two months away from our hometown shows at The Warehouse at @ftcpresents on December 7th and 8th. These will be two very different shows, and tickets for the acoustic show on night one are going fast. We can’t wait to celebrate with you all again! Ticket link in bio.
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    Happy Birthday to the one and only Tim Warren. Thanks for being so generous with your voice and spirit. You’ve made a lot of people’s lives a brighter place. None more than mine. Hope your boys spoil you today. Happy Birthday my friend. -Eric. 📷 @davidapuzzophoto
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    AR family and friends! We just wanted to make you aware of a concert taking place at the @fairfieldquick featuring two of our biggest musical inspirations, Brian Blade and Daniel Lanois. The show is tomorrow (9/30) at 3pm. Tickets are still available! We promise it’ll be a show you’ll never forget. Go to www.quickcenter.com for tickets.
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    One Dance Left now available! 📷 @em_castellano
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    Back at it. #studiolife
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    One Dance Left was produced and engineered by Kurt Leon. He also played drums, percussion, and synthesizers on the track. #onedanceleft Now Available! @kurtleon 📷 @em_castellano
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    In a daze, in a daze, in a daze I guess. #onedanceleft Available Now. 📷 @em_castellano
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    Rolling Hard. I’m not going home. #onedanceleft link in bio
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    Tonight, tonight, tonight.
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    1/2 It’s hard to know what a song is about, even if it’s yours. When I sat down to write “One Dance Left” I didn’t know what it would be. It’s like trying to determine a person’s personality when they are just born. But I can tell you how it felt and I can tell you how it feels now. As I go through life, I’m learning that I don’t know anything, but the way I feel can become known, is more tangible, and more important to me if I’m being honest. The first time I heard “All My Friends” by LCD Soundsystem I was at a party, feeling no pain. I had lost a bunch of weight and I was rediscovering what it feels like to celebrate my own shape, in my own body. I took most of my clothes off and put on the plastic circular orb suit that happened to be laying in the corner of the field where the party was. (it was a good party….) I started dancing, and my friend Taryn joined me in the yard. We were running, in circles. It was a moment I will never forget. The next day I wrote most of what would become “One Dance Left” When you sit down to write a song, you can know how you’re feeling, you can think you know what you want to say, but it’s harder to know why. Photo by @davidapuzzophoto
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    2/2 I don’t know why that song came on at that party, I don’t know why I finally found a way to lose the weight, and shed some of the grief I had been carrying in that moment. I don’t know why Kurt Leon is becoming a master of the recording studio before my eyes, or why…no matter how finished I think I am with an idea, it’s never really done until Eric Donnelly invents an electric guitar part and 30 other ideas you can barely hear, but would completely miss if they were absent in the track. I don’t know why Ian seems to know every style of bass playing there is, and always choses the right one to assign to each one of these new songs so well… I don’t know why Taryn understands that moment at that party for me, in a way that very few people in my life ever could, and why.. when we howl the high notes in the middle of the song together, it feels like a continuation of a announcement we've both made in other lifetimes. I don’t know why my wife knew the exact time to let me know that this song needed to get released as close to the way we discovered it as possible because of the feeling of it. Maybe we don’t get to know why. But I know how it feels thanks to all of the above. and it feels like “One Dance Left”. Enjoy, Tim. Photo by @davidapuzzophoto