Nothing More the most added song in the country on the Triple A BDS Indicator chart

We continue to be amazed by the support we are receiving for Nothing More. So far over 25 radio stations across the country have added it to their playlists. This week Nothing More was the most added song in the country on the Triple A BDS Indicator chart. We know thats a lot of jargon, but its a very good thing! Please keep spreading the word and we will do the same.

Nothing More radio chart

Make Your Own Video For “Nothing More” And Share It With Us

The song “Nothing More” was written in an effort to raise awareness for the organization Newtown Kindness.  Newtown Kindness was founded in the memory of Charlotte Bacon and their mission is to promote kindness and acts of kindness in communities.

What we’d love for you guys to do is take some old home movie footage or some new footage, and sync it up to the song to celebrate your lives and the people you love.  We’d love for you to share it with your friends, family, and us. You can see the trailer for the video here.



Download “Nothing More” by The Alternate Routes:  Download Track Here.


Gather all of the home video files you would like to use.  Make sure they are digital video files that can be used on your computer.


Edit your video files to the track “Nothing More” by the Alternate Routes.  You can use one of the following editing softwares:

For Mac users:

For Windows/PC users:


Upload your video to YouTube!  Once you’ve uploaded your video to YouTube, copy the URL link of your uploaded YouTube video (e.g. ““) and send it to:

We will then post it on our Facebook page!  Thanks so much for being a part of our music and sharing your life with us.

Nothing More Release

We're very excited about the release of "Nothing More". The song came together quickly and was created to help support Newtown Kindness...