• Nothing More (feat. Lily Costner)

These are some of your videos that you’ve shared with us:

Charlotte and Ava

For Reat Underwood and The Faithalwayswins.org Foundation.

From Melissa


Housing Families Inc.

Coastal Kids Home Care

Willowdale Garden

South Shore Hospital

Good Hope Middle School

From Kate


The Duff’s

Mandela Day at Ross Lower School

Kaylee and Camilee

Sonaran Trails Middle School

The Endicott Singers

The Elliot Institue

The Harmony Project

Mount Union Elementary

Marysville School, Portland OR

Point Higgins Alaska


From Stephanie

From Max

From Tim

From Teresa

Great inspiration from Deb and Kathy

Awesome Cover by Right Go Left

The DeTullio’s

From Mary Ellen

From Jan

This was done by Hutchinson High School Advanced Broadcast Students. Brooks Armstrong and David Sotelo. It was created for McCandless Elementary.

From Stephanie


Brian Jackson:

Heather Smith:

Mrs. Fitzpatricks 3rd Grade Class:

Mrs. Donnelly’s Acting Classes:

Chris Riley:

Lauren Roth:

Soccer Night!